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Prepped and Packed – Building Better Bodies

Here at Prepped & Packed we understand you, we have had your problems, yet we have constructed a range of unique meal management bags that will allow you to chase your health and fitness dreams at ease. We all know the importance of diet, understanding anybody’s success begins in the kitchen, the gut, and the food that you put inside you. It’s time to tell you a little more about Prepped and Packed.

There is no better man than founder Ben Vincent to tell you a little more about Prepped and Packed. “I was simply sick and tired of seeing people fall short in health and fitness due to poor diet, or the inability to consistently eat healthily whilst on the go. My mission was to create a movement, a movement that allows people to organise themselves, eat healthy on the go and enjoy the process along the way. There is a huge gap in the market for a range of meal management bags that fit around people, to many people are having to fit around a number of bags. Here at Prepped & Packed we strive to take care of all your needs with each of our fitness bags, joining you on your journey every step of the way’.

It’s a huge frustration when you get to work to find out you forgot your meal prep or even worse when your carrier bags splits, or maybe your food is warm and rotten in just a matter of a few hours. We have taken things into our own hands to provide a range of meal management luggage that supplies great value, giving you all the tools whilst taking function and fashion into consideration.

Our Fitness Bags
Our strong and sturdy bags are here to help you, and not just by matching the high standards you set yourself, but exceeding them. Being Prepped & Packed gives you the edge, allowing you to reach new heights.

No matter what your sport, what your ability, from expert to novice, we honestly believe that you deserve the right to eat healthy. It’s time to walk the talk and fast track your journey to success. When Prepped & Packed, you simply don’t settle for second best, join the family here and ingrain the movement of eating healthily on the go, wherever you are and at whatever time.

Get Prepped. Get Packed.

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