Prepped & Packed athlete Zack McGuirk hits the IFBB bodybuilding stage in just a matter of days. We caught up with him and got the latest on his journey.

Name: Zack McGurik
Competition :IFBB World Classic Bodybuilding Championships
Category: Classic Bodybuilding
How are you feeling about your up and coming comp?

I’m feeling really confident, personally I think I look better than ever. I have trained extremely hard, stuck t the plan and have genuinely enjoyed every training session and meal. It’s been a great journey, I am ready for the stage!’

What has been the hardest thing during this prep/comp period?

There are always temptations around of course,  but without a doubt the hardest thing has been is going to the Manchester United games with my boy. I love to have a treat with my boy, it normally consists of burger and chips, I do look forward to indulging once again I am not going to lie.

What does 2017 have in store for Zack McGuirk?

I have a few new business opening, which I can’t revel yet. But you will all be sure to know very soon, I am extremely excited about the future. In regards future bodybuilding events,  I will be competing in the New IFBB Elite Cup in May.

What’s your favourite Prepped & Packed bag?

It has to be the backpack, I am always on the go and certainly find backpacks really comfortable. It’s so useful, it has countless pockets and sections that come in so handy. Not forgetting it looks super cool, no matter what attire I have on. Although, I can’t take anything away from the Apollo as it is a good size, compact and functional, definitely worth a look at.

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