We caught up with Kelly Sephton this week, just a few days from stepping out on the London O2 stage. Kelly will be hitting the WBFF stage, aiming to take the european diva fitness pro title. Here is what Kelly had to say.

First of all Kelly, the London O2, what a venue?

Yes, it’s an unbelievable venue that I feel honoured to be able to experience once again. I have competed all over the world, yet I have a little soft spot for the London O2 as it’s so close to home of course for me.


Diva Fitness Pro

Length of prep

My prep has been 16 weeks long, which is pretty normal for me. I prefer a long steady prep, my body doesn’t respond well when attempting anything to rapid and intense. I have lost 11kg in weight, mostly body fat and some water weight initially of course. Over this period of time this evens out to a healthy steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week, I feel really good at this weight too. This should prevent any huge rebound weight gain post comp as long as I reverse diet and train correctly and consistently still. My Coach Tom Brazier will ensure I stay on track! 

Show number? 

The WBFF Pro European Show will be my 11th show. I can’t believe it’s this many, time really does fly. My competing career began in 2012, so these shows have been spread out over a 4 year period, and I have to say I have enjoyed everyone, learning something from each of them. 

Thoughts on the up and coming show? 

I am as always excited to be getting up on stage, it’s what I love to do. I feel extremely lucky and honoured to have the opportunity to showcase my passion and hard work in such a great federation and venue as I previously mentioned. The nerves have already started kicking in though! I always get nervous legs and a rush of adrenaline before stepping onto stage, I kind of like this though in a weird way. My first WBFF Show as an amateur was at the London O2 Indigo Arena, so to be returning as a Pro will be very nostalgic and poignant for me. I’m focused on bringing the best of myself and my physique to the stage. This year I have Audrey Kaipio coaching me for my staging and she has definitely encouraged me to show my personality in my performance which is great, and something I can honestly say I have enjoyed. 

What do you enjoy most about competing? 

Coming from a dancing background I do love the whole stage performance, getting the sparkly bikinis and theme-wear, make up and Flawless tan on. It’s a time where I can be super girly, as I’m normally in leggings and trainers. I enjoy the focus of the training and the regimented eating plan throughout, I react well to this. My body is pushed to the limit and beyond throughout the process, which leads me onto the buzz of the daily mental battle. I really look like a completely different person once the “fluff”, as the coach likes to call it starts shedding off.  Aside from the physical changes I feel so many health benefits to. Suffering from endometriosis it has been proven in studies that lowering body fat helps to lessen symptoms of the illness, so I definitely benefit in  numerous ways. 

What’s next for Kelly? 

So after the European Show I have to get my head straight into my studies as my final exams will be looming for my masters in nutrition and life coaching. I’m super excited to be gaining this new qualification , going forward I want to base a lot of my business around helping ladies with their nutrition and focusing on the health benefits of living well.  I hope to work more closely with hormone balance and fertility as this is close to my heart. I will be getting in the kitchen and creating more healthy eating recipes to share with everyone, I already have ideas in mind, so I can’t wait for this! The week after the London O2, I will be straight in the gym with a belly full of oats and almond butter thats for sure. I’m looking forward to feeling fully fuelled for my training sessions again and continuing my journey.

Hardest thing about prep? 

The hardest thing about prep for me is the lack of energy in these last few days. You are on a constant deficit and pushing your body beyond its limit so you really have to dig deep. There are mornings when I lay in bed, alarm going off at 5am telling me to get up for fasted cardio, and a full day’s work. I am not going to lie, I literally start arguing with myself in my head. The mental battles throughout prep are endless, constantly questioning yourself if you are good enough and if you will be ready is another common one. Working full time, extra training sessions, posing classes, check in with the coach, bikini and themewear fittings. You become a little bit of a stranger to your family and friends, mine are used to it now (I think) but still I feel a bit selfish sometimes. I am very lucky to have a very supportive network of family, friends and great sponsors. It’s all worth it for me though. The positives truly out weigh any of the struggles. 

Can we have a clue what your bikini/theme-wear is going to be?  

My bikini and theme-wear will definitely reflect my personality. Girly with a little punky twist. Veronique Rees of La Diva Design is in control of the creation. I have only seen a sneak preview of a section of the bikini top. Let’s just say there’s pink, studs, chains and sparkles, as for the theme wear I won’t see that until the day before the show so its all very exciting.

We wish Kelly the best of luck, the whole team here at Prepped & Packed are 100% behind her. We are proud to have so many inspiring athletes under one roof. If you want to see kelly in action head to the London O2 on Saturday 12th November. We will keep you updated on Kelly’s progress so be sure to stay in contact with us via our social media platforms.

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            Kelly with her favourite grey and black zeus


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