Are you going to embark on a few drinks this weekend or even looking forward to a binge with friends following a hard week?


Well we wanted to look at the effects a little closer when it comes to health and fitness. We all know that alcohol isn’t the best for our bodies, but hey I little of something bad cant do that much lasting damage can it?

Does alcohol ruining your health

It’s a cycle many people get into, work hard all week in a there job, whilst looking after their health and fitness through nutrition and activity. However the weekends are a time to let the foot off the gas and Friday and Saturday nights especially are full of cheat meals, alcohol and more alcohol.


At Prepped & Packed we think it is one of the main reasons people fail or certainly have slower progress when it comes to individuals health and fitness goals, and even personal goals in general for that matter. We like to tell you how it is, after all we have all been there right.


40+ hour weeks, days of sacrifice in the gym, eating is on point all week, family stress, everyday life pattern can easily lead to the want to go a little crazy at the weekend. Time to let your hair down, after all 80% of the time plus you live a sensible clean life. Without delving into the obvious we wanted to show you how this really can effect your gym gains.


Mental State

Alcohol is proven to lower your inhabitations, resulting in you doing things that your disciplined self wouldn’t usually do. Such as eating a foot long subway, or taking on the mc chicken nugget meal challenge. You will also find yourself battling this mental state the following day, with blood sugar low and your body crying for help it can be a nasty case of feel sorry for yourself, with a little anxiety and guilt thrown into the cocktail.


Bye bye gym for 24-48 hours

Following a heavy session at the local you can say goodbye to any gym sessions or certainly anything of quality. Energy levels will probably be on the floor meaning it’s too easy to blow out the gym and miss your fourth or fifth session of the week. After all you can always catch up next week right…


Calorific Intake

After successfully tracking your macros or simply keeping your nutrition on point all week the weekend is here. Its finally time to consume two to three days calories in a twelve hour window. A typical alcohol binge can exceed 1-2000 kcals depending on drink and this is before washing it down with the kebab or pizza. Oh and did we mention the hangover cure of a greasy fry up and biscuits the morning after. We all need a little stodge after a night out don’t we? Before you know it, your 3-4000kcal into a hard-hitting twelve hours.


Why, just why do we do it?

Quite often this is a question we simply don’t ask ourselves, as it’s extremely uncomfortable. Many people hate the taste, detest the hangover and can’t afford the habit however still manage to binge weekly and take their selves way from their goals.

From time to time we feel it’s good to ask yourself why on a number of questions find out exactly why your doing this to yourself, ( and be honest) allowing yourself to address the core drive for your actions. Is it for confidence, boredom, to fit in, relationships, escape reality, there are simply thousands of reasons people decide to follow this common cycle of events.


Hormone Structure

Alcohol consumption and especially excessive alcohol consumption can massively affect your hormone balance which will certainly have a knock on effect when it come to weight gain, or loss. It’s something many people believe they can simply get away with, your body is extremely clever and can deal with a lot but weekly binges will certainly take their toll. We are all for balance here at Prepped & Packed however we also see many simple errors effecting long term health and fitness goals.


On reflection, away from any of the obvious fact that you even knew before this short blog, we can see that binge drinking on a regular basis isn’t going to serve you and certainly isn’t going to take you towards your personal health and fitness goals. Anything in moderation, balance and sustainability are key, however we see this cycle occur in thousands of cases and we want to share our opinion whilst receiving yours. So please do feel free to comment below with your opinion on alcohol relating to heath and fitness.

alcohol ruining your health

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