A day in the life of a typical full time worker, your alarm hits at 6:00am, you wake up, drag yourself out of bed, eat some breakfast, get ready and shoot straight to work. You get to the office and start your day, it then gets to lunch realising you didn’t have time to make anything last night or this morning, so you grab the nearest sandwich or go out and buy a meal deal from the nearest supermarket. Eating healthy isn’t really in the equation. It makes you feel awful and the excuses on why you have done this play over in your head with that feeling “oh there’s always tomorrow”.

Does this sound Familiar??? Of course it does, for 99% of us that work in an office the hours can be long, early starts, late finishes, there is never enough time in the day to read all your emails let alone prepare any food for the next day. Even if you did manage to prepare some lunch for the following day, it never tastes quite as fresh resulting in throwing it away half the time, grabbing snacks from the vending machine.

Yes this was me about 2 years ago and things haven’t changed much since then, I still work in an office, I am up at 6:00 am and do not finish until late evenings, constantly checking emails and working long hours can be very stressful. Snacking is constantly on my brain, snacking is all very well for some short term satisfaction, but at the end of the day you are always left feeling unfulfilled and this makes you even more stressed.

Now if you are like me and train reasonably hard, as well as always striving for that next fitness goal, working in an office can be a huge challenge. For example when will the day come when i can step into the office without seeing a tray full of  cupcakes from peoples birthdays, the justification that your colleagues seek be making you feel bad for those healthy food choices you make? Quite simply if you are not thoroughly prepared it is very easy to skip meals and take that extra cake, I used to do it regularly.

This is where I have found the ideal solution, using Prepped and Packed Meal Management bags!!! I have tried both the Apollo and Hermes bags and cannot rate them highly enough, you prepare your food of an evening, pack it in the fridge, then in the morning place it in your meal management bag along with some ice cold gel freezer packs to accompany your food. I take it to work, and come lunch time it is still as fresh as it was when you prepared it last night, which means you get a wholesome meal in at work, it fulfils your needs and refreshes your mental and physical state.

9-5 office working over eating prepped and packed hermes

The light weight design means you can take these bags anywhere, no need to worry about storing your food in the company fridge and potentially forgetting about it or losing it (not forgetting the office their). The Prepped and Packed bags keep your food fresh, so this can stay under your desk and is ready for you to dive into at any point throughout the day, whenever the emails slow up.

Having my bag with me no matter where I am also serves me with a reminder of my goals, and what I am working towards. It makes my brain remember that I do not need that extra cake or chocolate bar, I have everything I need right here under my desk.

I must say it certainly for me came in handy when I competed in the Miami Pro Fitness Show last April and I hope this can serve as proof to all you office workers like me who work that 9-5 job that no matter what, being prepared at all times keeps you on track of where you want to be and helps you achieve your own fitness, health and well being goals.

I personally would recommend the Apollo/Artemis Meal Management Bags for anyone working in an office, its small and compact enough to fit under your desk discreetly and has sufficient storage to fit in all your meals and snacks for the long and busy day ahead. Use my Discount code TP10 for 10% off all items! Shop Here

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