Here at Prepped and Packed we are hugely proud to have helped over 12,000 people eat healthily in the past year across the UK. We are extremely passionate about helping others, we set out to solve some of the problems that we know you face on a day to day.

Behind the Brand

Director Ben Vincent said ‘I am delighted to have helped such a wide range of people eat healthily on the go. The team here at Prepped and Packed are all meal prep mad, and are constantly innovating new ideas and products to help the nation. Coming from a personal training background myself, I was forever faced with clients who were consistently struggling to keep their food in check whilst on the go. Our meal management bags allow anybody to eat healthily no matter where they may be. I genuinely believe we have only skimmed the surface, I am excited to help thousands more people across the globe. Not forgetting a huge thank you to everybody that has been involved with us from the get go. Also, without our amazing customers that continue to support us in what ever we do, we wouldn’t be here.’

Eat healthily, prepped and packed warehouse packed with stock

The Prepped & Packed warehouse packed with stock, we can’t wait to help the next 12,000 people.

Eating healthy comes with its problems

Eating healthily on the go hasn’t always been easy, the problems that many have faced in the past are endless. You may even recognise a few of them yourself?

-Forget to take food with you- poor organisation

-Struggle to keep food fresh/cool

-By the time you do open your tupperware in your bag the meal looks like it’s been eaten and spat out again

-Equally your meal may have leaked all over your nice new bag

-Fed up of carrying a meal management bag that looks like a food bag, it’s time to go discreet

-Failing to find healthy eating options whilst on your travels

-spending a fortune on eating healthy conveniently (we actually did a really cool experiment on saving money with our healthy eating ideas, read more here)

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive

Not only do we strive to provide the highest quality meal management bags, we also continue to give the best value on the market globally. Yes, that’s right, with recipe book, protein shaker, gel freezer packs, food containers, earphones just to mention a few things that we provide with our bags. Why do we add so many items? Quite frankly we want to give you the ultimate set of tools t help you get results, we love seeing people succeed in health and fitness.

If you want to join the Prepped and Packed family and eat healthily on the go no matter where you go, we are giving you unique opportunity to get your hands on any of our meal management bags, saving a whopping 15% off. Simply enter discount code ‘help12k’ at the checkout and shop all of our bags here. Don’t forget we offer a FREE next day delivery service when ordering a bag before noon.



For now, it’s a huge thank you once again, and we look forward to providing the next twelve thousand people with the best meal management bags on the market. Watching them eat healthily and reach their chose health and fitness goals.