So I’ve just got my hands on Prepped and Packed‘s new grey ‘Zeus’ meal management backpack and I have to say, I am HIGHLY impressed! I honestly cannot believe the quality, convenience and value for money this product provides. A meal prep cooler bag, handbag and gym bag all in one – a dream come true?! As a trainer who takes my nutrition seriously, when I am out and about all day from breakfast through to dinner, I prep all my food, snacks and supplements. But this means I’m constantly lugging around different bags about with shakers, gym gear, PT equipment and Tupperware coming out of my ears! So this Zeus backpack has literally been a life saver, as I can cram a ridiculous amount of stuff in it thanks to its clever compartmentalised design. It’s so nice to finally discover a product that quite literally cuts out all of the hassle and makes commuters on the tube during rush hour hate you less as you’re no longer the annoying bag lady….. view this product closer here!

Now in my opinion, as a female, you just can’t go wrong with a bit of shimmery silver, however they also do a black version too! Yes it’s equally tasty, currently Prepped & Packed have a SALE on this item too. Take a look here.  I think the colour is great, it’s not too loud or in your face, nor is it a complete eye-sore like some products you see on the market and think ‘god I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that’. It’s subtle, girlie, slick and pretty much the same size as most of the general backpacks are now a days (so hardly obtrusive in the slightest). They also have a black version available which is just as awesome…

Firstly, let’s talk money. When I first saw this product, I really couldn’t believe how reasonably priced it is, especially compared to some of the other meal management brands. You’ve probably heard of a number of meal management companies from the US. However, these come with a pretty hefty price tag, some of their back packs ranging from a whopping £120 – £250! That’s why after looking at the product in detail before even checking the price, I was absolutely amazed to discover it retailing at just £69.99! That price also includes 3 sturdy clipped seal Tupperware boxes, a shaker and two specially designed freezer gel packs! In comparison to other products on the market, it’s hardly a bank breaker and is so worth the investment – especially as most people now days don’t think twice about spending double that for the latest pair of kicks.

So, let’s get inside!

Main frontal compartment: The Cool Bag

This is the ‘fridge’ part of the backpack, the place in which you can keep your prepped meals cool for up to 8-10 hours. It fits three meals in (if using the prepped & pack Tupperware boxes) or four- five meals if you’re using slimmer containers. There is even space to slot things down the sides whilst the containers are packed in there. It’s located at the front of the bag for convenient accessibility without any faffing about and has a meshed zip compartment on the underside of the bag, perfect for storing your cutlery, small snacks or your protein bar if you like it nice and cold like I do. It has two tidy made-to-measure mesh compartments at the top and bottom for the specially designed freezer gel packs (that also come free with the backpack) which slot in nice and neatly, taking up hardly any space at all.

Above is a picture of the clip seal containers that come with the Zeus backpack (you receive 3 free with the bag). I have to say, they are very durable, good quality and have tight clip seals at the sides to avoid unwanted leakages.

These are the freezer gel packs that you recieve for the cool compartment. What’s great about this is that not only do they not add unnecessary weight to your probably already heavy bag as they are so slim and compact, they take up hardl any space at all in the freezer, perfect for those who have a freezer full of meat (like me!) and struggle to fit ice packs in.

Upper frontal compartment: A.K.A The Handbag!

I like to call this section the ‘handbag’ part of the rucksack, as it has two easy to access zipped compartments that are perfect for storing your purse, sunglasses, change, keys, gym padlock and other handbag bits and bobs. This is great for commuting as you don’t need to rummage all the way through to the bottom of your bag to grab your oyster or house keys, and helps avoid the endless searching through everything to find your gym padlock when you’re in a rush and ready to train. The larger compartment (second picture below) also has an inner mesh zip compartment, perfect for storing valuables.

Right & Left side compartments: Drink holders

You don’t just get one shaker/bottle compartment with this back pack, you get three! Which means no more annoyingly having to rinse out your shaker over and over again throughout the day as you switch from, pre workout shake, BCAA’S, post workout shake and water. At first glance, I must admit I thought ‘there is no way that’s going in there’, but I was quickly proved wrong as the full sized shaker fitted in perfectly and of course it did – there really isn’t one design fault with this bag! There is one on the outer left and right hand sides of the back pack and one located in the middle compartment of the bag, so plenty of space to keep your favourite drinks on you all day.

Middle compartment: The gym bag!

I like to use this part of the back pack as my gym bag. Trainers, sweaty clothes, towels and more, the washable lining makes it the perfect post gym bag, yet again avoiding having to carry more than one bag out with you. This compartment has loads more little pockets and zipped compartments, making it virtually impossible to keep it anything but organised! I also like to pop some supplements down the sides of the fridge compartment such as my tub of BCAA’S or pre workout.

Rear compartment: A.K.A The everyday backpack!

The compartment at the back of the Zeus is the largest and is what I used as my ‘everyday’ backpack, the place in which you can put all the normal day to do bits and bobs you usually take out with you. It has a really nice velvety lining and a sleeve perfect for popping in your laptop or iPad. Headphones, toiletries, make up bag, electronics, a change of casual clothes…. you name it and I got it in there! The first day I used my Zeus, I was so surprised at the amount of stuff I managed to cram in there, and in fact, it didn’t even seem crammed at all!


Lastly, the straps are really easily adjustable and are super padded, making it much more comfortable to carry heavy loads and there is even a clip to keep the straps together on your back to avoid it slipping off your shoulders (although you may well need someone to clip this up for you!).

Overall, I highly recommend this product and think that is without a doubt 100% worth the investment. There is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a meal prep bag when you can have this for just £69.99! It really is perfect for people like me, on the go and living a busy lifestyle in and around their own fitness. It makes staying on track and working towards your goals that little bit more effortless.

You can find the full range of awesome products on their website

Review by @courtneypruce