TIME, it’s something that we all cherish, its extremely sort after and is hugely expensive. We have recently done some research and as a result have some surprising findings. Typically people spend at least an hour a week, if not an hour and a half shopping for food. The majority of people participate in one large shop however will add to this shop on occasions throughout the week. maybe this is sounding familiar.

We also found out from a recent survey that people spend approximately two hours a week cooking or at least preparing food. Many of you may be thinking, ‘I don’t spend that long’, however we suggest you look closely at the time spent on a daily basis. You will be quite surprised at how easily time adds up to accumulate to be a considerable amount over the course of just a seven day period.

Prepped & Packed food shopping

When doing the relevant calculations over the course of the year it works out that a minimum of 168 hours is spent shopping for food or cooking in some way shape or form. Quite some time right? From a business perspective we all value ourselves differently however when doing some simple calculations below you can see just how much money this time can be costing you over the course of the year. Often time can be spent doing what your best at, what you enjoy, around what you value.

Minimum wage £7.50 £1,260
£10.00 per hour £1,680
£15.00 per hour £2,520
£25.00 per hour £4,200

Above you can see just how much time may mean to you, and the sums of money look quite appealing too, a good saving right? Our meal prep service allows you to take time out of the equation. A simple 5 minutes per week is spent ordering on our website www.preppedandpacked.com, the rest you can leave to us. We shop for you, prepare for you, cook, and delivery freshly to your door. The system is proven and is working for hundreds of people already, it’s time to take your time, nutrition and health to the next level.

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