We wanted to come up with a quick checklist of answers to some of the regular questions that we get asked. We guarantee you require at least 5 of these answers right now. Lets get straight to it!


How many meals should I eat per day?

The volume of meals that you consume is specific to your personal goals and your make up. Macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) make up your daily intake of food. You can eat as many as 8 meals or as little as 1, there are many myths about opinions out there. Here at Prepped & Packed we generally recommend eating between 3-6 times per day depending on your personal health and fitness goals. Of course there are always circumstance that this doesn’t fit, however if your unsure and this is a question your asking, we advise you begin to eat regularly and consistently first of all. 


How many meals you fit in your meal bags?

All of our bags come inclusive of three large food containers, gel freezer packs and a protein shaker too. Giving you all the tools you will require to eat healthy on the go! However you can actually fit 4 meals in our Apollo and Artemis meal bag, whilst you can fit upto 5, yes 5 of our meal prep containers in the Zeus backpack. Our meal prep service is now live, so if you wan to try 5 meals and fit them all in your Zeus backpack simply click here now. 


Will I put on body fat if I eat 4+ meals per day?

Typically NO, however of course this is dependant on what four meals you are going to eat. One thing we do always express is the fact it’s crucial you monitor the food you consume. You can still be eating to much of the wrong healthy food, or you can still eat unhealthy foods out of a food container. Just because you are prepared, it’s in a  container or your storing it in a bag you can still increase body fat. it’s key that you eat according to your goals and avoid any poor decision making by having the tools around you to succeed. 


What day will my meal prep delivery arrive? 

This is a real simple one, any order up until Tuesday 6pm will be delivered freshly to your door on Friday. 

Alternatively any order before Friday at 6pm will be delivered on Tuesday. 

We have two nationwide delivery days allowing you to stay on track day in day out, keeping your nutrition on point. For more information and the process of delivery simply click here


I’m super busy and struggle to find time to meal prep, any useful tips?

Creating time is the key to success, therefore it’s time to look at your organisation and planning.

1.Plan your weekly meal plan

2.Bulk buy your meals or your ingredients

3.Avoid shopping daily whether it be supermarkets r convenience stores, typically people spend up to 30 minutes a day waiting around in cues. we believe this is all avoidable.

5.Download our meal prep bible here for even more great tips.


Do you have any discounts? 🙂 

We always appreciate your continuos support, which is why if your still reading this we want to give you a cheeky 20% discount of any of our meal prep bags, simply enter discount code ‘BLOG20’, you can shop here


Thank you again!