Forming positive habits is something high on our values here at Prepped & Packed, which is why this post was such an obvious subject for us to express. Not forgetting our passion to help solve peoples problems,when it comes to health and fitness. After all, following a busy Christmas period, we understand that many people face problems getting back on the ‘wagon’ so to speak.


Forming positive habits when it comes to health and fitness is massive, which is why we have given away our top three secrets allowing you to implement them straight away. Take a read, but more importantly action the three secrets. We love action takers here at Prepped & Packed, therefore if you plan on reading this and not taking immediate determined action we suggest you stop here 🙂


1.Find your WHY

It is really important you find your personal why, and nobody else’s for that matter. To often people follow suit of their friend, partner of colleague, we feel its super important to be clear on what you want. A great question to ask yourself is, what will make you happy? Following this, we can then begin to move forwards to forming positive habits based around your goal.


2.Understand the consequences

We suggest you grab a piece of paper and a pen right now, or if you have your phone handy why not open your notes section. We want you to write a long list of consequences, the consequences of you not taking action on your chosen goal that is. Look at example below:

Goal-to lose my Christmas belly bloat

Consequences- I feel terrible, low self esteem, don’t want to wear nice clothes, would rather not leave the house, end up putting on weight as I won’t attend the gym, weight gain causes me to feel depressed…


You get the idea, it’s really surprising how quickly putting off a simple action or forming a necessary habit can cause so much pain. It may sound a tad dramatic but this really is a great tool to help build huge leverage and fast track your action plan.


3.Take determined action daily

NOW, is the right time. Don’t even question this one guys, it’s super important to take your first bit of action. You have already undertaken your first piece of action y writing your list of consequences, which we are really proud of you for. However this game is all about momentum, it’s time to build it. Therefore we are calling you out, perform at least one action right this second that is going to move you towards your goal, and allow you to form positive long-term habits. Maybe it’s filling up your water bottle, setting your alarm for tomorrow’s gym session, whatever it may be take action NOW.

forming positive habits with Prepped & Packed

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