We all know what it’s like, you are trying to keep on track with your diet and nutrition but your day job dictates that you have to travel aboard for that very important meeting, which means spending a lot of time in airports! So how can yo u eat healthy at the airport?

99% of people will just mark it off as a cheat day or even week, no training, no nutrition, however, this makes you feel awful about missing the gym and throws you out of your routine.  Your state of mind changes and now your goals seem even harder to reach, especially if you are planning to be on that beach in the near future. Is this ringing true to any of you?

We caught up with Prepped & Packed user Tom, who is a regular traveler due to his work schedule. ‘recently I was in Spain for business, and it meant I had to spend 10 hours of my day, in and out of airports as well as getting on and off flights. I am pretty determined to reach my goals, I would class myself as fairly driven. But, it was tough, yet I managed to stay on track. Here is how you eat healthy at the airport…’

Step 1 – Don’t always go for the “healthy” smoothies – We have all done it, trying to keep our nutrition goals so the first thing we grab at the airport is a “healthy” fruit smoothie, however, if you turn the bottle over and read the contents you will be shocked. I picked one up and at first glance you think, oh its only 12g of Carbohydrates per 100ml, that’s not too bad….well the bottle is 400ml to start (so that’s 48g of Carbs straight away). On closer inspection the reality is its 44g of SUGAR!! That’s more than my entire recommend daily intake of sugar already! What I would recommend is changing this for a water or maybe even a Vitamin drink, if in doubt just have water.

Step 2 – Snacking is not always straight forward – The Next item on the agenda is nuts, literally! Again, this is all about checking what you put in your body, if you are just after a snack and something to nibble on. To keep  hunger at bay, be sure to stay away from the crisp and chocolate and go for a packet of mixed nuts. Again though, check what type of nuts you are buying, stay away from the dry roasted and salted, or even hot and spicy. I am sure like me once you open the pack, you rarely leave any and always polish them off, therefore think smart.

Step 3 – Always try to go Fresh – Ok so now your flight doesn’t leave for another three hours, lunch time is fast approaching so you decide to grab a quick pre-packed sandwich as it is easy. You eat it, feel awful afterwards and immediately regret it, right?  What you should understand is that that sandwich was most likely not made fresh this morning, it has probably been sitting there for a few days and the quality of the food is never going to be brilliant. My advice in this situation is to always try to eat fresh, search out a restaurant or somewhere where you can see the food being cooked in front of you, meat or fish with some veggies is pretty universal and accessible in most places now day. After all, we aren’t looking for perfection at these desperate times. Lastly,  I would recommend avoiding all breads and carby foods if possible, they tend to make people feel quite stodgy when sitting around for long periods following consumption.

eat healthy airport

FINALLY – Be SMART with your food choices, think about your goals, what you are aiming for? Just because you have to travel for your day to day work, doesn’t mean your fitness goals should suffer because of it. You can eat healthy at the airport, believe me!

Follow Tom me on social media, a full time office worker who copes with the modern challenges of work, whilst keeping on top of my nutrition and training. Facebook – Search @tompurserfitnessmodel Instagram – @tom_purser_25 Twitter – @TomPurser

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Thanks for reading guys 🙂