We all know that sleep is super important but here at Prepped and Packed we wanted to explain the effect of having sleepless nights on a regular basis. I think you will be amazed at what we found.

Sleepless nights, how does it effect you?

Poor sleep affects both your physical and mental state; we have all had sleepless nights leading to irritable days. The big question is what is, what is enough sleep? 7 hours, 8 hours???
A lack of sleep makes you feel tired and groggy, and it does the same thing to your fat cells. The easiest way to explain this is ‘Metabolic Grogginess’, basically it makes your body less effective at breaking down fatty tissues. The facts are quite staggering, if you consistently have less than six hours sleep you are 30% more likely to become obese than those who sleep between seven and nine hours. Scary right?

Sleep is also hugely linked with poor decision making, consequently effecting weight gain, A good nights sleep will allow you to thin straight and make sensible eating decisions. If you’re sleep-deprived, your brain gets more excited when it sees high-calorie food (we’ve all been there). And of course, the more tired you are, the more likely you are to give in to temptation.

Sleepless nights don’t just effect your decision making and mental state, but also your general appearance. When getting some quality deep sleep we release optimal amounts of human growth hormone, which affects, amongst other things, the firmness of our skin and the tone of the muscles underneath it. You will have experiences this following a good night sleep; you wake up not only feeling refreshed but looking it also. High levels of cortisol have been shown to break down the collagen proteins that ‘glue’ your skin cells together. This leads to fine lines, poor tone and wrinkles. So the old saying of getting sufficient of ‘beauty sleep’ really does apply.

Sleepless nights, Prepped & Packed

Be an Individual

Some people can tolerate different mounts of sleep. Most healthy adults are built for 16 hours of wakefulness and need an average of eight hours of sleep a night. However, some individuals are able to function well after as few as six hours of sleep, while others can’t perform at their peak unless they’ve slept for ten hours. So don’t compare yourself to a friend, colleague or loved one, do whats right for you.

From helping us to function more effectively during the day, to helping stick to a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine, the positives of a good night’s sleep are many and varied.
Here are just a few benefits of staying away from them sleepless nights:
1. Alertness and energy levels
Waking up properly rested will greatly increase energy levels, alertness and ability to concentrate.
2. Manage stress
A well-rested body generally produces less of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline so we are able to handle difficult situations more effectively.
3. Weight loss and rest
Getting a good night’s sleep can balance out the hormone fluctuations that provoke appetite. In fact, having proper rest is one of the best things we can do for losing weight. By ditching late-night TV, also has the added benefit of dodging one of those diet destroying late-night junk food binges as well.
4. Sleep Improves mood
Sleeping allows our brain time to rebalance the chemicals and hormones that affect our mental clarity, mood and emotions, which are so important for being calm, relaxed and happy. With the lack of sleep so strongly associated with depression and mental illness, it’s not hard to see how getting an early night and some deep sleep can lead to a better day tomorrow.