A large percentage of the population suffer from abdominal bloating, it can be extremely uncomfortable whilst extremely embarrassing not forgetting how it can really interfere with your everyday life.


I’m sure you have experienced the belly bloat just hours before you are about to head out, making the new outfit uncomfortably tight, But why is it so many people suffer, and more to the point, here at Prepped & Packed we don’t believe we should settle for this. Therefore we have reached out to the best in the business and have come up with the three main reasons people tend to face the belly bloat.


1.Sensitive or even intolerant to certain foods groups

As humans we are all very different, with our make up being unique. Many people seem to forget that what our partner, colleague or friends can consume comfortably isn’t always a good fit for ourselves.

We suggest if you suffer from abdominal bloat on a regular basis that you begin to fill out a food diary or at the very least track your daily food consumption. Quite often you can say goodbye to these inconvenient symptoms simply by a process of elimination.

You may be extremely surprised to see what food it may well be as it’s not always the obvious ones.


2.Chew your food

This may sound extremely obvious but the inability to sit down and chew your food thoroughly is often a reason people suffer with bloating. Knowing this, it’s extremely simple to eradicate this problem, we live in a 24/7 lifestyle these days with many of us sacrificing some quiet time to eat nutritious wholefoods.

Be sure to set some time aside to eat your meals without distraction and focus on chewing your food at least 10 times or more depending on the density of the food. Gulping food down quickly and without chewing means we take in a lot of air whilst we give our digestive system a lot of unnecessary work to do. This is something most people now yet still struggle to do on a consistent basis, give it a go and be conscious guys.


3.Over eating

Portion control is a huge problem and is massively linked with bloating of the abdominals, piling copious amounts of food in and expecting to feel comfortable following it, really isn’t a sensible thing to do. Often we couple this with another of the above reasons two, therefore you may find yourself making more than one of these fatal errors.

We suggest sensibly measuring your food, it hasn’t always got to be weighed or measured as we all know it. But simply understanding correct portion size with the eye and hand is key. For example making sure our protein is a palm size per portion, or rice is always a third of a particular beaker etc. Another great way you can manage your portion control is by food containers. Piling food onto a large plate is the number one way in which to lose the portion control game. Food containers here at Prepped & Packed allow you to place a balanced meal within, without over eating.


Of course there are a number of other reasons why you could be suffering from abdominal bloating such as

-IBS (however can often be treated through nutrition)

-Female menstrual cycle


-Leaky Gut Syndrome

-Under eating

-Fizzy drinks

-Alcohol (inflaming your stomach)

-Celiac disease


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