The holiday season is upon us, after weeks of preparing and hard work it’s often difficult not to undo all your hard work in a matter of days.

We believe that just a few simple secrets are the answer to maintaining your physique on holiday. After all, nobody wants be feeling and looking bloated just days into your summer holiday do they?

We are great believers in balance, and take health and fitness extremely seriously. Consistency, sustainability is key whilst being realistic is another trait that we like to abide by. We want to take any worry and concern away from you, allowing you to enjoy your holiday and fun still, which is why we have come up with these holiday hacks.

1.Maintain hydration
One thing that is still possible whilst traveling is your ability to consume water. Having consumed 3-4 litres of water every day for weeks, there really is no reason for this to not continue. Whilst when traveling to warmer climates its vital that you maintain hydrated. This will not only aid weight loss, make you feel healthy; it will also keep you fuller and allow you to avoid unnecessary consumption of food.

2.Start your day the right way
When eating on holiday the one thing that we relish is breakfast time. Walking into the buffet restaurant seeing fresh omelettes, fruit, oats and food packed with goodness. It’s important that you enjoy yourself, eat what you fancy and let your hair down. By starting the day the right way yet again it puts you in a great mind-set for the rest of the day whilst your body will certainly thank you. Take full advantage of the fresh omelettes being tossed up for you and the chilled super green smoothies. There are times when your diet may well go out of the window on holiday however we suggest keeping breakfast fun, varied but healthy. After all constantly abusing your body is going to be detrimental to your health.

3.Keep protein intake fairly high
We all know the importance of eating protein regularly, stabilisation of sugar levels, energy and appetite are just three benefits that’s spring to mind. Take advantage of the large variation of protein sources whilst traveling. From different meats to fish and eggs, it’s nice to try local produce and feel like you are eating differently to the everyday Tupperware life of the previous months. This avoids resentment and the feeling of deprivation whilst on holiday.

4.Keep your Prepped & Packed bag close by
We are always with you on you what ever journey it may be here at Prepped & Packed Our meal management bags keep food fresh for 8-10 hours, serving even greater importance when in warmer climates. We don’t expect anybody to be weighing their food to hit their macros whilst on their travels, however our bags still come in extremely useful to take your day to day beach essentials along with some snacks taken from the breakfast buffet. It’s great to see so many of our bags on holiday with you keeping you fuelled on the go no matter where you are or at what ever time.

5.Have fun
It’s important you enjoy yourself, when socialising and traveling it’s not always possible to eat perfectly. It’s not always possible to plan the consumption of food at your usual timings. One or two bad meals aren’t going to throw you off track and leave you uncomfortably bloated with instant weight gain. Feasting for a 14 day period however will, it’s important to understand balance and to have fun along the way.

Following months of effort, it is extremely important you relax, and enjoy every second of your well-earned holiday. Yet you don’t want to spend any time regretting your actions. It is an extremely fine line, yet the above really well help you along the way.

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