The summer is a time where we begin to put away our jumpers and the realisation of baring all is upon us. We can no longer cover up our fluffy bodies! Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable therefore we feel it’s only right to let you in on a few of our secrets relating to building a diet plan that will allow you to get lean and more importantly happy and comfortable this summer.

It is extremely important to focus throughout the summer period as it is easy to fall into the bad habit of drinking during the light nights whilst over indulging in far to many all you can eat BBQ’s.

Something that many people struggle with when it comes to eating healthy on the go is consistency. Staying motivated is key when striving to achieve the 6-pack abs in time for the summer, or the slender waist line ready to pop into your holiday bikini.


  1. Plan your meals

Planning ahead is the first step to success, allowing yourself to get an action plan down on paper is the number one reason successful people achieve their goals. It’s not only important to plan your meal, it’s just as important to plan when you are going to prep them. Following that, leave the rest to us as we can transport your food freshly and safely no matter where you are heading. I though it’s cold and dark in the mornings, don’t let it stop you from smashing your morning workouts.

  1. Invest in some kit

There is no worse feeling than setting some time to prep your food to find out that you have no food containers, or your knives are blunt. Make sure you have some nice new kit to help you prepare properly. Having the right gear for your summer meal prep will prevent you from avoiding the kitchen and blaming it on the sunshine. Here at Prepped & Packed HQ we are loving our new spiralizer, turning boring bland veg into a tasty presentable dish.


  1. Make life easy for yourself

We are a big fan of making things as easy for everybody as possible; our mission is to provide you with the solutions to your meal prep problems. All of our recipes are super easy to follow, take very little prep are can be done by just about anyone. More importantly the whole family will love them whilst you get some serious results in time for the summer holidays. The basics works, herbs and spices are a great way to make a dish come to life so make sure you have a generous supply of these.

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  1. Get accountable

Being accountable is another secret to success, its time to tell people that exactly that you are going to achieve this summer. Not what you are going to try to achieve, what you are going to. Be positive, get uncomfortable and get your friends and family right behind you. It’s always nice to be around other, cook for your friend, train together and reach your goals as a team. It’s time to be accountable.


  1. Prep like a boss

Preparing ahead is a game changer, we advise prepping twice a week. Normally here at HQ we cook for the team on Sunday’s and Wednesdays allowing us to train, work and spend quality time with loved ones on the other evenings. When you have your food prepped ahead of time, nothing is left to chance. We love to be in control, one step of the game!


  1. Stay hydrated 

It’s time to drink up and we don’t mean summer cocktails. It’s absolutely vital to drink enough water when getting that dream body in time for the summer holidays. Something we advise to vary things up is to add some chunks of fruit to mildly flavor the water, as we know many of you struggle to drink large volumes of water alone. It is key to track your water consumption drinking 3-5 litres per day depending on your body composition. This may seem like a lot but trust me it really will help your body stay lean. Some of the benefits of drinking lots of water include:

  • Healthier skin
  • Healthier teeth and bones
  • Healthier joints
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increased fat metabolism


Now it’s time to prep like a boss and get #PREPPEDANDPACKED


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