Do you find yourself absolutely obsessed with food?

Eating out of tupperwares?

Struggling to eat with friends, family and colleagues?

As you probably know, here at Prepped & Packed we love food containers, meal prep, nutrition and more importantly we love seeing people eat healthily on the go no matter where they are. BUT, is there a line where things get to much?

We see heaps of benefits from using our food containers, the main one is that they massively help when it comes to portion control, it’s so easy to pile up a large plate of food, or simply keep dipping your hand in a bag. Our food containers allow you to create balanced meals, however consciously control the portion size.



They are also great to transport your food around, nothing beats a food container when it comes to keeping food fresh and perishable. Well nothing beats a cool fresh bag for the perfect environment may we add…
Food containers are a necessity, however we are hearing more and more cases of people becoming almost addicted to them. We love seeing you guys eat healthy, it inspires us like you wouldn’t believe. However we are also all about consistency, sustainability and forming long term healthy habits.

Tony pang recently spoke about this in a Facebook LIVE post which you can watch by clicking simply head to videos, it’s a great watch. Tony discuses the importance of balance, balance is certainly something that we feel everybody is constantly attempting to obtain. It’s by know means easy but it is extremely important in our opinion. Quite often we look at elite athletes, and people that are on a journey to maybe step on stage in the physique world follow a rigid plan. We have huge respect for these guys, they inspire us and millions, yet in this blog post we are really attempting to help some of you guys chasing your health and fitness goals that mayn’t quite have such rigid goals. We fully understand it’s a must for many people to eat and live this lifestyle to get the results that are necessary, and reach success.

Tony mentioned during his live feed how he felt it was important people still had some ‘family time’ or ‘down time’ where they can enjoy food, or even their meal plan in a relaxed envorinment with their family, friends and people they love. It’s extremely easy to get caught in a cycle of positioning yourself away from the people you love and we don’t see why this has to be the case. There really are two options that we would like to suggest to you guys.


1.Firstly eating your planned and prepared meals rigidly is fine, ad even eating out of food containers, but we don’t suggest you avoid doing this alone al the time. Getting results and chasing success can be lonely so why not get people that you care about involved. At the very minimum be around them, nobody needs to change as a person even though you may be eating, moving and living a slightly different lifestyle.


2. If you feel like what you are currently doing isn;t sustainable long term, we suggest you tweak it slightly. If you need to put in a relaxed meal or day to make it sustainable do so, or maybe it means you have to change the environment or food groups slightly. Tony suggested eating from plate from time to time can quite simply change the way you feel and is a good practice to make yourself do. ‘Often on a weekend i will take the content of food containers out and place on a plate and make myself eat with my family’ I see this as a healthy balance, I am chasing my goals and dreams yet being around the people I love. It works, its fits and and I thoroughly enjoy doing it’. Tony also suggested the need for a cheat or flexibility from time to time.

One of the major problems in health in fitness is the lack of ability to sustain your action long term, consistency is tough right. It’s a daily battle. By giving yourself a meal off, or away from your meal plan is totally  normally and can quite often benefit you both mentally and physically. We hope this blog post has given you food for thought, just remember what is going to get you results and what habits need to be in place. Please feel free to leave your comments below, whilst we love to see your food and fitness inspiration across our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us and tag us in your posts by #preppedandpacked