Britain’s Got Talent 2009 winners Diversity have been loving our Prepped & Packed gym bags. Since the group won the show, their lives have revolved around fitness, rehearsals, touring and not to mention squeezing in those much needed gym sessions. The boys told us how the bags are helping to keep their energy levels up as they have no excuse to but eat regularly. Being able to eat regularly has “improved performance”  and their general health too.

Jordan Banjo states: “I can’t believe how much stuff I can fit into my bag, it’s all I need to carry when I’m training. My food for the day, my shaker, towel, phone and wallet fly into it with ease – thanks a lot to everyone at Prepped & Packed, I highly recommend this product!”

With each bag, the boys received their Protein Recipe Book and have said that preparing, storing and carrying their prepped meals has never been easier.

Terry Smith’s favourite recipe from out book is the Low Carb Spicy Burgers: “I was so happy when I found out that burgers can now take a place  back on my menu, I make them about twice a week and my family love them too!”. Make sure you follow our recipes for #FoodInspo too.