Since the Diversity guys got our Prepped & Packed gym bags 3 months ago we have had nothing but compliments.



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Our lightweight Hermes Meal Management bag brings ultimate durability along with functionality and innovation. The stylish compartmental bag offers two sections which can be accessed from the top, and one section at the bottom of the bag. The two top sections have been specifically designed to store gym clothing, trainers, protein shaker, laptop and other day to day belongings. The bottom section fits 3 of our Prepped & Packed food containers along with our hardy freezer gel packs. The objective of this bag was to completely eliminate the need for you to carry 2, 3 or even 4 separate bags around with you on your travels. With this Hermes bag, you can keep all of your belongings and food safe, secure, fresh and most importantly ALL IN ONE PLACE!


Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity said that they were firstly impressed with the quick, hassle-free delivery of their bags. They ordered them with a view to receiving them the following week, but were able to take them on a training trip with them 2 days later.

“We all packed our bags for the trip and were amazed at how much we could fit into them. I was able to put 3 meals in the lower section of the bag as well as a few snacks. I also fitted my iPad, a change of clothes and a pair of trainers in the top! Before I was lugging around 2 or even 3 bags to carry the equivalent” – Mitch Craske

The boys also stressed upon how surprised they were with the weight of the bags. Here at Prepped & Packed we design our products around you. The lightweight design and shape makes it easier for you to carry and manoeuvre the bags wherever you may go!

“My bag goes everywhere with me.. even when I’m not going for a workout! It is a great reminder of how easy meal prepping can be and that there is no excuse for not doing it especially now I’ve got my bag.” – Ike Ezekwugo

Diversity have an upcoming tour and a very busy schedule for 2016. They have been doing nothing but rehearsals over the Christmas period and our Hermes bags have helped them stay on top of their fitness and on track with eating regularly.

“It’s a well-known fact that eating regularly is really important and that was something I was really bad at before I had my bag. I would wake up, get to the studio, rehearse all day and then not eat until the evening. This meant that I was over eating at night because I was so hungry, leaving me feeling sluggish and lethargic. I never wanted to take food into the studio because it would be sitting there in a bag until I got a break. With my Hermes bag that isn’t a problem. My food stays cool, secure and, most importantly, FRESH!” – Jordan Banjo

As Jordan states, our Dual Clip Food Containers are the perfect answer to keeping food fresh. The airtight design lets no air in which stop food from going soggy, limp and stale. The design of the bag allows 3 of these containers in the lower section and there is also 3 pockets for freezer gel packs. The packs stay cold for up to 10 hours which means you can’t taste the difference between just-made food as opposed to Prepped & Packed freshness.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 16.19.18Jordan Banjo – Member of Diversity



Along with every bag purchased our customers will receive 3 food containers, 3 freezer gel packs, a protein shaker and our gluten, dairy & wheat free recipe book. The book is packed with over 100 tasty recipes which will give you ideas for food to prepare on the go, as well as snacks and desserts to fulfil your sweet tooth.

Ashley Banjo tell us what his favourite pick from the book is and why:

“My favourite recipe from the Prepped & Packed recipe book has got to be the Spicy Thai Burgers. Since cutting down on take-aways and fast food, I stopped eating anything that was really spicy but these beat any dish from my local take-away! They are so quick and easy to make and still taste great the day after I make them. They also make the perfect snack at midday and are really filling. It never really crossed my mind to make my own burgers but now they are definitely a guilty pleasure. I’ve even got brave and started playing around with different spices. Thanks for this recipe Prepped & Packed!”

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