Chinese beef in black bean sauce

Chinese takeaway cravings, lets face it we have all been there right?
Here at Prepped & Packed we look to solve all of your meal management and nutrition problems. Therefore try out this perfect recipe as an alternative to them naughty Chinese takeaways. Know exactly what is going on your plate, however don’t miss out on life’s tasty foods.

INGREDIENTS – serves 4
2 tbsps soy sauce
2 tbsps shaosing rice wine (or use dry sherry)
1⁄2 tsp ground black pepper
2 tsps potato flour, mixed with
2 tbsps cold water
600g rump steak (or use a vegetarian beef*), cut into strips 2 tbsps fermented black beans
For the sauce:
1 tbsp soy sauce
6 tbsps chicken stock (made from one organic stock cube)
2-4 tsps red chilli flakes
10g stevia (or use sweetener of your choice)
1 tsp potato flour, mixed with
2 tbsps cold water
1 tsp ghee or organic coconut oil
2 small carrots, peeled and cut into thin batons
1 green pepper, cut into chunks
1 large onion, cut into eighths
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
Mix the soy sauce, shaosing wine, black pepper, and potato flour together in a bowl, to make a marinade. Add the steak strips and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for
2 hours or more.
Rinse the black beans in a sieve then put in a bowl and soak in cold water for
20 minutes (no longer or the beans will become too soft). Drain and set aside.
Mix together the five sauce ingredients in a bowl.
Drain the meat from the marinade and pour the remaining marinade into the bowl with the sauce ingredients.
Mix well.
Heat the oil / ghee in a wok over a medium / high heat and add the meat. Stir fry until cooked then remove from pan with a serrated spoon and set aside.
Add the carrots, pepper and onion. Stir fry over a medium / high heat for around 8 minutes until softened but still
retaining a bit of crunch.
Add a drop of water occasionally whilst stir frying. The steam will help cook the vegetables.
Drain and rinse the black beans and add them to the vegetables. Stir fry for around three minutes, taking care not to burn the beans.
Add the garlic and cook for a further two minutes. Return the beef to the wok along with the sauce.
Stir well and cook gently for around three minutes until the sauce thickens.
We have listed the important macronutrients of this recipe below:
PER COOKIE: 404 Calories 14g Carbs 33g Protein 24g Fat
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