We caught up with professional dancer Jessica to find out exactly how flexible her diet was. We know the importance of healthy nutrition no matter what your sport or profession, however let’s take a look how her diet differs from the average…


Name – Jessica Craft


Occupation – Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher


Passion/Hobbies – Gym, motivating others, cooking, attending dance classes, shopping and watching films.


What do you eat on a typical day?

Meal 1 porridge oats

Meal 2 boiled eggs and greens

Meal 3 meat with veg and sweet potato

Meal 4 salmon and asparagus

Meal 5 I’m fairly flexible with dinner but it tends to be a fish/meat with carbs of some sort (usually quinoa or rice) with some mixed vegetables.

If I feel like anything sweet it will be a jelly or yogurt with seeds

How Important is nutrition for dancers – It is very important for dancers to keep up with what they are eating, with rehearsals and shows, going to auditions and castings, eating can be forgotten quite easily. Dancing is a very anaerobic exercise, stamina is important and if you don’t have the right amount of fuel from the right foods then the way you perform certainly won’t be 100%. It’s not only physical but mental also, your concentration spam decreases and you lose the agility and momentum. This will affect your performance completely. A balanced meal plan is vital as it is for any athletes, long hours, demanding activity and day to day strains are totally normal for a dancer of any level.



Where do you eat and what time – If I had the chance I would eat everywhere, as I love my food. I generally eat wherever I am thanks to being Prepped & Packed. I try and keep my meals at 4-hour intervals; therefore wherever I may be I will whip out a meal. I am that embarrassing person who will have their food container full of food out on public transport, in the dance studio or wherever I may be haha. My Prepped & Packed backpack is always packed with food making sure I never go without!



What are the consequences of not eating clean on the go... – I think its important to make sure you are conscious of what your eating and when. I think if you turn to alternative and convenient foods the balance and quality if food is out of the window. If you are in a routine and have set meals, that you have cooked and you know are clean then you can’t go wrong. People usually turn to sugary foods, sandwiches or fast food when they are on the go, this is a short term high on bad fuel. Eating clean on the go will fuel you the right way for longer. Also when you then decide to have a cheat meal this is so much more enjoyable believe me 🙂

Your favourite meal/recipe – I love fish. I love salmon, prawns and squid!!! My mum doesn’t eat meat, so I have grown up eating a lot of fish. I think it’s so fresh and tasty, and knowing its good for you makes it even better. Fish is great brain food for dancers too, keeps me alert and on the ball. I generally will make some fun creations including varied fish; chilli squid has to be one of my favourites for sure.

We want to hear what your favourite recipes are so please feel free to comment below and give us your secrets in the kitchen. Please check out our instagram page for some meal prep inspo at http://www.instagram.com/preppedandpacked