The beauty of the fitness industry is that we are always learning. Every individual is on there own fitness journey and I hope I can be a fraction of help in your quest to be the best.
Having competed 10 times in 6 years, and done various different diets for holidays and photo shoots also, I know a thing or two about the DIET after the goal has been met.
What happens next for many of us is we quite rightly celebrate our achievement with some guilty pleasures. Any one who has ever been on a diet will understand the cravings of the things we love and the sweet sensations when the diets biting us in the ass. After all the saying goes people want what they cant have. So the whole process leading up to your goal is psychological war fare, so its only natural to overkill it coming out the other side. The key is knowing when to stop because before we know it we’ve wrote off all that hard work and have nothing to show for it which causes a catologue of issues. People start yoyo dieting, body dis morphia goes to new heights and ultimately we create a bad relationship with food which for many us ends up in an eating disorder where we become binge eaters.
This doesn’t have to be the case though. Everyone throws the words OFF SEASON and BULKING around like there an excuse to eat what ever you want and get fat. I call these people scale chasers, driven by pure weight gain and numbers. Making particular reference to bodybuilders yes its nice to be heavy so when someone asks you can puff out your chest and say a big number with a cheeky smile but the thing most people forget is LOOKING the part also.
To me I want to look like an athlete all year round. Plus I want to be a role model for younger people getting involved in the sport and the wider audience of course who look at me and admire my work ethic and physique all year round not just for 16 weeks of a year. After all a role model surely wouldn’t knowingly push the symptoms above on other people would they. I want people to know that there is a positive way out of life after the GOAL. Usually it starts with setting new goals no matter how small or big, I am a firm believer in making it a necessity to have a goal.
Our main aim in life is to get better at what ever it is we enjoy doing. If your like me, your sport started as a hobby and now its a passion. As we become more interested we naturally become more competitive right.
So we’ve met the goal and now we’ve had our 2 day blow out- what do we do?
We plan the number one thing that is going to get us toward our goal, THE NUTRITION! Nutrition is key and this needs to be made a lifestyle choice not just something you do for 12 weeks to reach a goal but a healthier way of eating should be adopted all year. If you think about it logically what nutritional value does most if not all processed food have against fresh diet produce. No brainer isn’t it so surely we’re going to get better at our chosen sport by locking down this nutrition side ūüôā now the pennies dropping.


two male hands with thumbs up and down on white background

  • Rapid weight gain on scales – bodybuilders want this – ladies may be not.
  • More relaxed eating habits – increased flexibility
  • Sluggish
  • lethargic
  • unfit
  • depressed
  • body dis morphia¬†
  • increased health risks


  • Feel fitter
  • more dynamic
  • increased work rate/output
  • healthier
  • physical appearance still admirable


  • Slower process

So there you have it, in my opinion it is safer and a lot more beneficial to grow with sound nutrition and focus on quality over quantity.

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Thanks for taking the time to read
Jamie Christian Johal