Well we want to give our customers even more value, which is why we have decided to place some free fitness goodies in every bag that is purchased over the next 30 days. You can expect to find free gifts from some of the leading brands that we continue to work with from the health and fitness industry.

These companies include, pip n nut, might matcha, gymversus, the meat man, walden farms just to name a few. So watch out for a few additional surprises in your order, director of Prepped & packed Ben Vincent says “our passion is to deliver our customers and followers huge value, and we will do this in every way possible.  We are creating a movement on a global level, encouraging people to eat healthily on the go. It’s an enjoyable journey, and I look forward to giving tonnes more value to everyone.’

It’s always been a passion of ours to be the best value meal management company on the planet, this is something that we think isn’t in any question. Offering the biggest and most valuable bundles out there. Including items such as recipe books, containers, powered shaker, earphones just to name a few additional items. You can shop some of these bundles HERE, saving up to £50 or more.

We mustn’t forget that recently, we have launched a brand new ebook which is available FREE of charge, you can simply download ‘the meal prep bible’ here www.preppedandpacked.com/-free-meal-prep-bible/


-An easy step by step process allowing you to form positive habits based around nutrition

-A guide to meal prep, from novice to expert

-Allow us to explain macros, their importance and how to calculate them

-Quick simple recipes that you have never been seen before

-Discounts from our affiliates (GYMVERUSUS, The Meat Man, Boostball)

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