Introducing Andy Turner: Former Olympic, European and Commonwealth Athlete

Andy retired from professional athletics after competing in 3 Olympic Games & winning European and Commonwealth titles – not to mention bringing home a World Bronze medal. It didn’t take Andy long before he wanted to pursue a new adventure; retiring from athletics made him feel as though there was a huge void in his life.

“Training was my life and is what I love. Not wanting to lose direction I ended up involved in a body transformation with my sponsors PhD. My mission was to go from Olympic Athlete to fitness model. To add to the pressure and excitement, I entered my first competition in the form of Miami Pro in October 2015


“I worked with Prepped and Packed athlete Chris Spearman, his knowledge was second to none, he guided me through the process. He stressed the importance of eating regularly, keeping the quality of food high. My weight changed drastically fluctuating from my sprinting weight at 77kg, to 97kg after an intense bulk and finally cutting to 85kg on stage.

Eating cleanly under Chris’s guidance took my body fat from 15% to just 5-6%. This was unknown territory for me, going from a performance athlete to aesthetics based athlete. The journey was one that has given me even greater ambition to pursue my career in the health and fitness industry. I’m currently working towards my first pro show in April of this year and then onto WBFF in May. 
I cannot stress the importance of nutrition enough, the way in which food manipulates performance in the gym, physically and mentally is huge. My Prepped and Packed went with me everywhere throughout my journey allowing me to keep my nutrition on point. It has been an amazing journey and one that i feel has just began. I would love to say a huge thank you to everybody involved especially PhD, Chris Spearman and Prepped and Packed. 

Building Better Bodies