We would like to give Abbey Willis a very warm welcome to her new role at Prepped & Packed. Abbey is our one and only Athlete Manager as of March 2018. She stepped into the role after two years of being a dedicated athlete for the brand. “I wanted to give something back to the company that have been behind me all through my journey and improve the relationship between sponsor and athlete so both sides are gaining as much as possible whilst working together”

Abbey is a professional dancer and Pro Bikini Athlete. She Stepped on stage for the first time in 2016, managing to take home six 1st place titles and an overall within the year. She’s made a big impact on the industry in a short amount of time, most recently by qualifying for and placing top 5 at the PCA Pro Show and the British Finals 2017.

Alongside competing Abbey is a working professional dancer. “Im equally passionate about both industries and loves that im able to inspire people in both aspects.” On top of all this Abbey teaches posing for Team Cravero athletes. “I love the artistic nature behind bringing out a physique to its full potential”

“Im very grateful towards everyone who has supported me throughout my journey and got me to where i am now. I’m very excited to be working with Prepped and Packed and am eager to create a successful team for the brand. If you would like to reach out to abbey regarding sponsorship or becoming part of the team in some way please reach out via abey@preppedandpacked.com.

Equally you can follow Abbey on the below channels:


We will be sure to keep you updated with developments here at Prepped & Packed and Abbey, watch this space!