We sat down with Jade Katy, London based international model before she heads to Toronto in just a matter of days to compete at the WBFF Worlds.. As you probably guest we ended up speaking everything food and meal prep, yet we also wanted to get her views on staying in condition all year round ready for them important photo-shoots.
It’s a problem that we here regularly, the difficulties of staying lean enough, or shoot condition all year around.  We all see top athletes and models across the globe looking tip top all year round, the reality of doing this appears difficult, let’s see what Jade says.
Firstly, let us introduce Jade, for you guys that haven’t met her, she’s 24 from Manchester and is a full time model and athlete. Jade has always been passionate about health and has been behind the camera from a very young age. In 2016 jade has traveled the world modeling and is just 16 days from another life changing trip to Toronto at the WBFF Worlds.
‘I love my food, my favourite types of food would have to be Italian or sushi when I’m not on prep, but being just 15 days out from the Worlds unfortunately I am steering clear of both. It’s not all bad though, I tend to eat a colourful, and varied diet when on prep although I do love my homemade peri chicken and sweet potato. I tend to cook all of my food at home, I enjoy the whole process whilst I also like to know exactly what’s going into my food. Cooking is my meditation, it’s time for me to relax an plan ahead.’
Now we know what Jade enjoy eating on a daily basis, I am sure you are all as intrigued as we are when it comes to her favourite cheat meal? ‘It has to be Krispy Kremes, if I could eat them every day for breakfast I actually would, it’s a little obsession I have’.
Jade went onto mention how she feels consistency in her diet is the key when looking to obtain a physique long term. ‘We have all heard that eating healthy must be a lifestyle and become a habit. I certainly have to agree with this, I meal prep every few days avoiding complications. I keep things reasonably simple yet fun. Meal prep only saves me time int he long run, I am forever hearing people use the excuse of time for a number of things including meal prep. But for me I would estimate it saves me an hour a day and a large amount of money by the end of the week’.
Jade went on to explain, ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet, it’s really as simple as that. Yes there are always temptations and always will be, I have limited time, I am forever rushing from shoot to shoot, to the gym and so on. I love to live my life on the go and see this as a privilege and one that I genuinely appreciate. As a Pro athlete diet is everything, I always like to stay in good condition, therefore creating a physique and diet plan that is sustainable is absolutely key.’
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Jades first ever bag was the artemis meal bag which she still uses today.

Jades first ever bag was the artemis meal bag which she still uses today.

As we have already mentioned, Jade is just days out from a the WBFF Worlds as a Bikini Pro Athlete, ‘I have loads of exciting things coming up early in the new year including the launch of my new website but you will have to keep an eye out on my social media to see what I will be up to’.
Keep your eyes peeled for Jade as you will be seeing a lot more of her we are sure. Whilst don’t forget, consistency, variation along with a sustainable diet really is key when staying in shape all year around. Thank you so much for reading this far, as i sign of our appreciation we wanted to give you a little something in return, and something that we don’t often do I must add. We are giving you 15% off all of our bags when using discount code ‘JADE15’ when at the checkout when at  https://preppedandpacked.com/shop
Enjoy your day guys, and thank you once again for reading.
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