Professional footballers eat extremely different compared to the past players from the 80’s and 90’s. Nutrition has proven to be a key aspect of health and performance; therefore diet will be strict throughout the week leading up to a big game for the whole of the squad. Poor nutrition can have an impact on someone’s performance, health and mindset, with such high pressure in today’s game it’s crucial they take care of themselves.

It’s important to eat right come match day, as the choices made first thing in the morning or even in the hours following a grueling fixture can have detrimental effects. Sport today is a science, athletes are constantly looking at ways to improve and get ahead of the next person.
We are going to give you an insight to what the professional of today including the likes of Jamie Vardy, man of the moment in the England team.

The first meal on match day is extremely important and usually consists of porridge for the England team; it’s a favourite as it’s a low-GI cereal.
We suggest mixing it up by having a bowl of quinoa porridge or those made from grains with a lighter consistency to avoid having the same taste each and every morning. Whichever one you choose, serve with coconut or almond milk along with some berries or a mix of nuts and seeds.
An alternative breakfast altogether is eggs, which contain plenty of protein. Again, look to vary the type of egg-based meal you have at breakfast. You can prepare your eggs in so many different ways such as omelette, scrambled, poached, or even fried in coconut oil. It’s great to compliment these with veggies or some smoked salmon is also a favorite in the premier league football camps.
Always try to eat something for breakfast, regardless of your appetite. It’s vital to fuel your body, wake your body’s metabolism up and begin the day the right way.


Before we start, if you are involved in a match that takes place around midday, skip this section and continue the guide from the pre-match advice.
For those playing in a match getting underway at around the traditional 3pm kick-off, aim to only have a light meal come lunchtime. The England team will eat around 2-3 hours before kick off.
This meal will could include a low-GI carbohydrate such as wholegrain rice, for example. Complete the meal with some carrots, leafy greens and peppers not forgetting a good portion of proten. Water should be consumed throughout lunch too, as just a two per cent loss in body weight as a result of sweating will impact on both your mental and physical performance for the worse.

You’re now in the changing room and can hear the crowd eagerly anticipating the next 90 minutes of action. Football is coming home is bellowing out from the stadium, it’s time for a last few sips of water along with some quick simple sugars to give you some instant energy to begin the game at a frantic pace.

Half time
You’ve been out on the pitch for 45 minutes —in the changing room you’ll need to refresh yourself before you go back on the pitch. We advise you drink water with a pinch of sea salt to replenish at sodium lost through sweating.


Straight after the match
This is a vital window, the immediate concern is to replenish muscle of its energy stores and recover for future training days.
With this in mind, drinks containing antioxidants, carbohydrates and protein is highly recommended to begin fueling your body in the 30-minute window following the final whistle.

Evening meal
Following a big game, the England team tends to get away from the football ground and settle down for a post match meal together at the team hotel. There are loads of great options available, though we would urge you to look towards sushi or turkey-based chilli-con carne as a source of protein.
Salmon sushi helps to deliver high quality food rich in protein, omega 3 and vitamin D. Meanwhile the kidney beans and mince — low-fat being our advised choice — provides proteins to the body post-exercise.

Nutrition is absolutely key when looking at performance within sport; it’s understandable that many athletes today do not have the same facilities and time as the England team does. Which is the exact reason we have designed meal management systems that allow you to eat healthily on the go. Improving sporting performance, no matter what level you play. Our Hermes gym bag has proven a massive hit with sportsmen and women allowing them to place their personal nutrition and kit conveniently in one bag. Check it out here