The 19th June is a date that in everybody’s diary, it’s a day we get to spoil the super hero legends of the world, our fathers!

Our dad’s are always there whenever we need them, whether it’s picking us up late from the party, giving a spare pair of hands on your studies, or simply being there whenever you need them. Being a dad comes with some large shoes to feel and quite simply it’s great to give a little back. What better way to invest in your dad’s health and fitness, after all it’s what makes them who they are right? It’s important they stay strong and healthy on the inside and the out, which is why we are giving you the chance to provide the best investment ever, with a massive 20% off, you can shop now at, entering discount code ‘FITDAD’ at the checkout.

Here at Prepped & Packed we pride ourselves on solving peoples problems, delivering value and most of all providing quality throughout all of our products. It’s time to give your dad something that he can use on a daily basis to remember why you are such a good partnership. Our bags are the perfect companion for any dad out there, whether they are situated in an office, a building site, commuting for long periods of time or purely to head to the gym fully equipped.

Checkout these two guys below, both aged 46 years old having made very different choices in life. Who is to say whats right and wrong, all we can say is giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed is extremely important. It’s crazy how your diet can effect your health and life spam, we love seeing fit, powerful and strong dads who live with passion.

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We love nothing more than delivering the perfect gift which is why we have put on this exceptional offer allowing your dads new best friend to be with him ready for the big day. You can choose fromany of our products, but let us take your through just three of our meal management bags. Firstly, there is the original Apollo three meal management bag, allowing you store your daily nutrition, supplements hydration in once discreet and practical bag. When Prepped & Packed you can be assured you will never be presented with a rotten squashed meal at lunchtime ever again.

Maybe your dad is more of a gym man, who makes the time to go to the gym around his busy family and work schedule. Let us introduce the Hermes gym bag, this is the moment you can say goodbye to carry more than one bag. Add your gym kit, daily essentials, work must haves and much more convenience in this bag. Not forgetting your nutrition of course kept fresh and conveniently in the base of the bag. It’s a del game changer to say the least.

Director of Cybex UK Rob Thurston has recently hit the stage in his 40's with the help of Prepped & Packed

Director of Cybex UK Rob Thurston has recently hit the stage in his 40’s with the help of Prepped & Packed

Or maybe your dad spends time on his bike, or is a tech freak? Worry now more, we have recently launched our Zeus backpack. It’s our fastest selling bag, breaking records on its launch weekend like no other, here we have left nothing to chance. Allowing all users to store their nutrition, day to day belonging, gym kit whilst also including a carefully designed laptop/tablet sleeve. No expense has been spared using suede lining and giving you the highest quality, best value meal management bag on the market.

Whatever your choice is this father days, we look forward to seeing you Prepped & Packed, eating healthily on the go conveniently whilst keeping the extra change in your pocket. We are wishing all the super dads out there a great day, you rock!