“Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.”

When it comes to meal prep we all know that preparation and organisation is key. Without them, ‘meal prep’ would just be a manic  ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ type occurrence in the kitchen. Not good! To avoid this, we have devised a list of 6 everyday, common items that you just have to have to make your meal prepping easier, faster and stress-free… (almost!). These are items which you *probably* already have in the cupboards at home so there is no real expense apart from having the knowledge and the meal plan together!



We have fantastic, secure, air tight containers available here. You can buy these in packs of 3, 6 or 9 at a brilliant price. We are sure that you have had the “where the hell have my lids gone?!” feeling. It is no good cooking loads of food and having no where to contain it and lock in the freshness. Our containers slide perfectly into our range of bags and are not too big to stack in the fridge!



It is so easy to try your luck at guess work when you are in the kitchen. We are all guilty of it – trouble is, when you guess measurements and weights you can quickly slip off of your healthy eating train. A good food scale will allow you to quickly develop an eye for what you need to eat in each meal to get in those all important macros! The accuracy of the scales will quickly develop into a more consistent food intake and portion sizes… resulting into more consistent results!


We just love our slow cookers! They really do make life so much easier, especially when you are not just prepping food for yourselves but for the whole family too. You can also stick your meal in the slow cooker, pop out ad run your errands, come home and BAM meal complete! If you have brown rice in your diet every day then a slow cooker is the best way to achieve the fluffy rice you desire and of course you can prep in bulk! Do yourself a favour, get to the shops and purchase one now!



If you like to cook then make sure you have these staple kitchen faves! Heaped teaspoon? Flat? Tablespoon? A cup?!!! What do these mean! Grab your measuring spoons and go for it. Never again will you have to eyeball your measurements. Accurate measurements transpire into consistent results!


We know you like to workout, but don’t make your meal prep harder than it has to be. A good kitchen needs a good set of sharp knives. Save your energy for the gym. When you are faced with a sack of sweet potatoes, 500kg of chicken breast, a drawer full of vegetables it can be quite intimidating… not when you have a great set of knives! Cut your meal prep time, slice through your frustrations and chop your time in the kitchen by half!



Apart from the food, this is our top-rated essential for meal prep. We have a range of bags here. Our food containers are tailor made to fit perfectly into the bags which makes life so much easier. You can say goodbye to the numerous plastic bags that you are currently carrying around everyday. The bags are stylish, practical, lightweight and most importantly they are EXACtLY what you need.

If you have a demanding schedule, then you already know how hard it is to find time to eat. If you have a meal prep bag then you have no excuse. Your food is literally hanging off your shoulder until you reach your destination.

For those of us who essentially live in the gym (coaches, trainers, elite athletes…I’m looking at you), the excuse not to eat is ever-present.  Snacks and shakes are a start but nothing beats popping open a tupperware full of sweet potatoes and chicken, giving it a quick run through the nearest microwave, and slamming it as you kick your feet up and wait for your next task.  It will also make a great impression on your clients because they’ll see that you don’t make excuses and live on meal replacement shakes.


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