Meal prep for one day costs less than what most people spend on a coffee! Read more to find out how…


Yes, you heard us right; we often hear that meal prep and eating clean is an expensive choice. We hit the high street to see how much truth there is in this, and to see exactly what price we can put on meal prep. To our amazement we found that when buying food in bulk, meal prep can cost as little as £5.00 per day based on a 2500-3000kcal per day plan.

We also took the time to speak to a large amount of commuters and business people to get an idea of their daily spend on food. Our discoveries were somewhat surprising. Here at Prepped & Packed we are passionate about eating whole foods regularly in order to receive endless benefits from health, fitness and physique.

Prepped & Packed users are constantly speaking of the benefits of meal prepping when using our products:

  • saving time
  • saving money
  • avoiding temptations
  • leaving nothing to chance
  • knowing what you’re eating
  • convenience
  • practicality
  • durability


How much is it really going to cost me to meal prep on a daily basis?

Well, our shopping bill allowed us to meal prep for under £5.00 per day! We have attached our receipt along with our meal prep plan. So, STOP making those excuses because meal prep doesn’t need to be expensive!

Our daily meal prep plan looked as follows:

  • MEAL 1 – porridge oats with banana
  • MEAL 2 – chicken, rice and peas
  • MEAL 3 – chicken, lentils and kale
  • MEAL 4 – tuna, sweet potato and tomatoes
  • MEAL 5 – 3 egg omelette with red peppers and onions
  • MEAL 6 – yoghurt with a scoop of protein

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£33.71 / 7 days of meal prepping = £4.82 PER DAY

Following this discovery, we caught up with a number of commuters on route to work. Many of which were heading to a coffee shop or convenience store for their first meal of the day. Darren, a city worker who works for a leading bank, spent £4.87 on a packet of cashew nuts and a porridge pot. Sarah also grabbed some items from the shop – a healthy yoghurt, a seed mix and a green smoothie set her back £5.05. It cost Jason, a healthy gym-goer working in construction, £5.25 for a black coffee and a vegetable omelette. If Jason bought the same everyday, he would be spending a massive £36.75 a week for his breakfasts ONLY!

Our discoveries proved that eating healthy on the go can be expensive, especially when looking at convenience with a lack of planning ahead.

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