Transformation tuesday allows us to meet Tom Purser, allow us to share his fitness journey which began just a matter of weeks ago. It’s a truly inspiring story of effort, determination, and action taking. If you are thinking of stepping on stage it’s a must read

Tom has always had a very keen interest in health and fitness and at the start of 2015 decided to set himself a scary goal of competing in the Miami Pro World Championships. This is something that was completely out the blue really, he spent countless months looking at others do exactly this across social media giving him the inspiration and urge to do this himself.
His coach Dan Osman set out on a 15-week prep, accompanied by my prep bag of course, which literally went with me everywhere with me during this period I took massive determined action following a exercise, nutrition, relaxation and posing plans. Tom works in an office full time and spends most of my day either at work or commuting therefore needed to ensure his food was on hand no matter what the situation or scenario. Whatever life through at me I am always in the mindset that it’s not going to effect my health and fitness goals. Long hours in the past had lead my health and fitness to deteriorate, I have finally got to a stage in my life where I simply won’t allow this to be the case. I wanted more, I was fed up of being average quite simply, it was my time.

Tom’s alarm goes off at 5:00am, doing 30 minutes cardio then heading straight to work for a 7am start, I then work all day and finish at 5pm, leaving work and driving home to the gym. Not forgetting multiple meals being consumed throughout this period of time of course. He loves my food as much as we do here at Prepped & Packed, whilst he enjoys the discipline of the sport also, something he finds hard to imagine as this hasn’t always been the case.

This cycle of events was life for Tom, day in and day out, and he has continued following on from his first competition. Some may think it’s somewhat crazy, many of his friends and family probably agree however I knew this is the very minimum it would take to reach his goal to step on stage.

Training was difficult although through the help of his  coach he felt completely comfortable with the whole process. However nutrition was certainly the most difficult. “I genuinely couldn’t have kept to my structured diet without the help of my meal management bag. Having fresh food pre, post and intra workout is vital whilst knowing I have my daily nutrition with me was so reassuring giving me one less thing to worry about”.

“I learnt a lot throughout this 15-week journey, it was hard, and had highs and lows. After all I was just an average twenty five year old lad who had a burning desire to push my body to its limits. My journey has just begun, as my first experience on stage has just given me the ambition to want to move forward yet again.”

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