You work so hard for 8,12,16 weeks to get in the shape of your life to enjoy the holiday you deserve, yet then you see your shape slide away into the sea…

Rest assured you can have the perfect holiday when with your trusted Prepped & Packed bag, allowing you to carry all of your healthy eats comfortably on the go. You can spend as long as you want soaking up them rays!


The airport is quite possible one of the most difficult places to eat healthily whilst on the go, everybody’s holiday ‘starts at the airport’ right? which is why it’s littered with fast food joints and duty free sweet shops. This then results into a super uncomfortable plane journey. Check out Kim traveling from Northern Ireland to Croatia, fully Prepped & Packed at the airport.


The beach is a perfect place to get that well deserved rest and recovery, sit back relax and rest assured that your breakfast buffet treats are staying fresh and cool in your hermes gym bag as pictured below in Tenerife.

Maybe you still have some energy to burn and your ready to get that beach body pump, be sure to carry all your belongings, kit and post workout meals of course. Our Zeus backpack has recently been spotted on Muscle Beach 🙂 The US is certainly not far away…

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When your ready to slip into your brand new bathing suit, do it in style, say bye to the carrier bag or the embarrassing beach bag with half of the beaches sand in it. Our high quality bags will organise your every need allowing you to have that perfect holiday.

Enjoy guys and be sure t tag us on your holidays whilst Prepped & Packed #preppedandpacked.