By now I am sure you know that we take it upon ourselves to solve your problems. Whether it involves food, health or fitness we feel it’s only fair that we provide you with the solutions to the everyday problems that you face. This pretty much explains why we have just launched not only the cleanest labeled whey isolate, but also the best tasting.

We receive hundreds of emails and social media inbox messages asking our advice when it comes to nutrition (we love this so please feel free to keep asking away). Our team love to help and give their advice on the questions asked, after all we are experts when it comes to eating healthily on the go. Everything that we do is based around eat healthy, it’s our number one objective.

Over the past 6 weeks we have received the following questions, they may even ring true for you?

-Do i need to take protein shakes to increase size?

-Should I accompany my meal prep with a low carb protein shake?

-I suffer with bloating and gut discomfort when having my post workout shake, what else can i eat?

-Whats the difference between whey concentrate and isolate?

All of the above are very common and valid questions, quite simply we appreciate how difficult it can be to understand the basics of nutrition with such a wide range of messages being bellowed out from every direction. One person says this, one influencer says that, another brands claims this…It’s tricky, and if we aren’t careful we end up in a state of overwhelm and simply walking away from the situation.

As with all of our products and service here at Prepped & Packed we talk things through with the team, before any idea gets action they have to fit in with the following three statements

1.Is the product/service ethically correct?

2.How can we create this product/service at the highest quality/standard?

3.Can we supply the product service at unbelievable value?


Having gone through the above we are left with a number of ideas to action, our nationwide meal prep service went through these vigorous questions as did our new powered shaker, meal bags and so on. It’s key that we stay in line with the brands ethics and values. We see your frustration when it comes to whey, it’s simply everywhere. The market is saturated, so why go into it? Because we feel we can finally bring you the product that you deserves, for great value to accompany your diet.

We have created something quite special, a 90% isolate whey with






TO TOP THIS OFF WE ONLY USE JUST 6 INGREDIENTS. I think it’s safe to say we have got something special on our hands, and more importantly it’s here to help you. check out our three amazing flavours here now.