It’s extremely common for our jobs and lifestyle to take us away from our desired health and fitness goals. We live in a 24/7 world where work demands are high, the pressure of results are even bigger. Everything appears to be an emergency and things have to be done yesterday. We would like to introduce you to a women that is always on the beat, treating the nation when we need it the most.

Name: Charis Wakefield

Occupation: Emergency paramedic

Typical working hours: Full time, 12 hour shifts (Usually with a late finish)

Favourite food: Pasta ?

Hobbies: Personal training, Playing football for Hitchin Belles, kickboxing/martial arts, obstacle course racing

Emergency Meal Prep

Being a member of the emergency services obviously comes with it’s problems…problems are something that we here at Prepped & Packed thrive on. With every problem comes a solution of course, we have recently found many of our meal management bags appearing in emergency vehicles. Charis said “Finding time to eat can be a huge problem, one job appears to roll into another when working on certain shifts. When we do stop it is often at the least desirable places, usually consisting of convenient junk food. I love my health and fitness and just simply can’t bring myself to eat poor quality food regularly. However my carefully prepared food wasn’t as appealing at 4am, when warm and soggy in the base of the foot well. My Prepped & Packed has been an absolute life saver, all of my colleagues are envious, with the majority now following in my footsteps”.

It is extremely common for people to create a huge urge for junk food when tired, night shifts are the worst. It is proven that working long hours can have a negative effect on your health and wellness. We are here to support you guys that need us, allow us to be at your mercy.

Charis also said “my energy levels have definitely increased since fuelling my body consistently whilst at work. I got to the stage where I would go long periods without food as I wasn’t prepared to eat the junk that I was surrounded by.  It was lose, lose to be quite frank, either eating the wrong food, or not eating at all”.

Carry one bag we feel is essential, there is nothing worse than looking like the bag lady whilst on route to work. Whilst it also makes your life harder than necessary, why does keeping fit an healthy have to be hard? We don’t believe it does, it’s time to prepare properly and pack your bag allowing you to rest assured throughout the day. There is no need for panic when Prepped & Packed, the endless amounts of pockets will store all of your must haves. Below is a image of Charis’s meal prep whilst at work, it definitely beats greasy fast food!

Prepped and Packed on the job

Typical days food for a Charis:

Breakfast: 2x eggs with 2x turkey bacon rashers & spinach cooked in coconut oil with a black coffee

Snack: 2x rice cakes with peanut butter & a green tea

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with lots of green veg

Snack: protein yogurt

Dinner: steamed salmon fillet with brown rice & veg

Emergency Life Saver

Charis finished by saying “Prepped & Packed has seriously made my life so much easier, but not only this I feel so much better. I love to feel good, and perform good when it comes to the gym, along with playing sport competitively regularly” Check out our full range of meal management bags here(we currently have 15% OFF), and allow us to help you eat healthily on the go.