Ok, so we are sure many of you have heard of the term REFEED or also commonly referred to as a Cheat Meal, however how many of you know the purpose of refeeds or how to implement them correctly?

What is a refeed?

A refeed is a day where you increase your macronutrients above what you have been using on a daily basis. Generally this increase comes from Carbohydrates, as the purpose is to replenish Glycogen stores that have been drained from being in a caloric deficit while dieting. The amount that you increase your calories by depends on the individual and how depleted they are. A general rule of thumb I follow personally is roughly 1000 calories.
When refeeding a general rule of thumb is to keep fats low, proteins the same as usual and increase carbohydrates.

Why refeed?

The purpose of a refeed is not only to replenish glycogen stores, but also to insure your metabolic output does not decrease. Carbohydrates help to stimulate your thyroid, which regulates your metabolic output. Being in a caloric deficit over a sustained period of time can lead to your metabolic output decreasing, therefore it is important to spike your metabolism through refeeding from time to time. This will insure that you continue to drop body fat.

Refeed Problems/Myths

Too often people use this idea of a refeed to simply go out and binge on as much crap as possible! This will not be beneficial at all to your body. A refeed should be calculated and contain good source of food in order for your body to digest and process them correctly. Eating rubbish food will only make you feel terrible the next day and probably leave you craving more. Personally I find when I have a ‘Dirty” Refeed the next day I feel sluggish, unwell and I have issues with my stomach and digestion.


If done correctly, following a refeed you should feel an increase in your appetite the next day due to the spike of your metabolic output. Your muscles will feel and look fuller and finally you should see a further drop in weight over the next few days.

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