It is crazy to think that the super-fit, sports trophy winner who stands before us today was once a 7.5st “lazy” weakling. Lucy has transformed her body, mind and way of life in just 24 months and says that she has never looked back since.

In just over a year and a half Lucy truly went from strength to strength. She started out struggling to lift a 7kg barbell and can now squat an astonishing 19st! The truth is, you don’t have to have the amazing capabilities that Lucy does in order to feel a sense of accomplishment. In this blog she reveals a little bit more about herself and her habits which helps her to keep in the best shape and mindset from week to week. Remember, she is just a regular girl with a BIG dream!

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What’s a typical days food for Lucy?

My day starts with a bowl of Buff Box porridge. This is my favourite meal of the day and I get so excited for it. I love it so much, sometimes I have it on a smaller scale in the evening for my last meal before bed. After breakfast I have a meal of rice, chicken and broccoli which I eat as I go about my morning clients. I finish it of straight after training instead of a protein shake. When I get back from training I have another meal; this time it contains sweet potato and fish with greens. My evening meal is usually quinoa and chicken with greens. My last meal before bed is either pancakes of my porridge. All my meals are made to fit my specific macros, which vary throughout the day depending If I am pre or post training .

What’s the importance of food in your eyes?

Food is SO important especially for me or anyone else who is training full time. For me food is fuel and I don’t mind having the same meals everyday. This being said, having a variety of foods throughout the day is vital to make sure you are getting all the right minerals and vitamins, I never used to be so good with my food, I used to eat what I could when I could. Buff Box taught me how important my food is especially as I train so hard so much. I really could not be happier with my progress.

What are your favourite ingredients you couldn’t be without?

Oh now that is a tough one! I adore my Goji berries for my porridge and to nibble on if I fancy a sweet snack. I also love chicken, so probably those. Is chicken an ingredient?


What’s your favourite cheat meal?

Cheat meals are really hard for me as I’m intolerant to a lot of foods such as wheat, dairy and gluten so I can’t exactly eat a pizza! I tend to make myself some healthy flapjacks or beetroot brownies if I feel like I need a cheat (which to be honest is not very often as I\m not a sweet craver!) A nice bowl of popcorn goes down quite nicely though sometimes. Sorry to disappoint!

When does Prepped & Packed come in handy?

Prepped & Packed is a lifesaver and makes food prep so much easier. I love the food container range and it is so nice to have a big bag to carry all my food around in and for it to stay hot. Amazing! This is especially useful when I am at a competition – I hate relying on the venue having food.

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What does 2016 have in store for Lucy?

I have just finished 7th in the UK Opens and 34th in Europe out of over 16000 competitors. This is a considerable climb from 2015 where I came 107th. Other than the Open I hope to try and compete in Powerlifting Europeans and Worlds this year. I have not really planned any other competitions. But keep your eyes peeled and I will keep you updated!

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