To be at the top of your game in any sport requires a lot of hard work and dedication in many aspects. Not least of which comes from the training you do. Being the best OCR athlete you can possible be involves all round fitness, from speed across a variety of terrains on a number of different distances as well as strength and grip to get you over, under and across various obstacles and being agile and flexible to tackle the course in the most efficient manner possible.
To be good in several different disciplines requires a huge amount of time training, but to give it your all and make every session count the body has to be well fuelled. A well balanced nutritious diet is key to keeping the body firing on all cylinders with regular meals throughout the day keeping the metabolism burning and the body repairing, because as an OCR athlete I don’t just want to be strong to get across any obstacle I might face but I also need to keep my body fat down to be light and move quickly on my feet.
As you can imagine training regularly as well as a full time job take up a lot of time and a lot of time away from the house so food prep is key. Especially during the week when I can often be out from 6am till 9pm. Prepped & Packed has helped me manage my healthy eating goals and allows me to approach every morning prepared nutritionally for the day ahead. Whether training at my regular hot spot at the P.T Barn, hosted by Nuclear Races or on the road working, I am never caught short with nothing to eat or having to snack on goods at service stations.
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Before the i was Prepped & Packed I would use various plastic containers, protein shakers and stick it all in my bag being very disorganised and struggling for room. Whilst nine times our of ten my food would end up soggy, rotten and would have leaked just about everywhere. Now I can have everything I need and more, organised and easily accessible whilst kept cool and perishable throughout the day. The inbuilt skeleton structure not only helps the bag keep it shape but also means I can stick my fruit, such as bananas in the bag without it getting bruised and turned into mush and with the inclusion of the Prepped & Packed recipe book aiding me to make good food choices I’m never short of ideas. 
I now approach each OCR event prepped and well fuelled to give it my all and able to get straight back into training, race after race with such a tight packed race season with team Muddy Kit ahead!


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