A common question we get asked regularly is how regular should meal prep? Daily, weekly, every other day?

To be quite honest there is no right and wrong, and that’s not us shying away from the reality as will always be totally honest. Everybody, absolutely everybody is different, from your lifestyle, to your make up, your taste to your goals. We suggest finding what works for you, the best way in which to do this is by trying to execute a couple of common ways people successfully meal prep.

Of course use your common sense, some of the below ideas may not suit. But we do suggest tracking the success of the methods that you do try, let us know which you prefer too across social media. We are constantly learning here too, we are yet to find one way that suits everybody but these are certainly the most common methods!

I LIKE THINGS SUPER FRESH The daily meal prepper, they create 45 minutes somewhere within their day to prep the next days meals. Food is super fresh, you can vary foods and change according to your feelings on the day. This works well with short term goal people, if you like taking each day as it comes this may be for you.

I STRUGGLE TO FIND 45 MINUTES EVERY DAY These guys generally meal prep every 2-4 days. They feel very busy and find the lack of decisions throughout the week comforting. Knowing they haven’t got to stand over that stove really is a nice feeling for a few days ☺

WHY STAND AN HOUR IN THE KITCHEN PREPPING FOOD TWICE WHEN YOU CAN DO IT ALL IN ONE HIT? These guys prep weekly, smashing all their prep in one hit. It’s quite unliveable how much food you can prepare and cook in just 60 minutes. These guys keep their meals through freezing or refrigeration, successfully carrying food with them all week. It’s a nice feeling knowing you are prepared for the week ahead right?

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